Building powerful dashboards using python, elasticsearch, apache Kafka and Kibana

Stream processing is an extremely powerful data processing paradigm which helps us process massive amounts of data points and records in the form of a continuous stream and allows us to achieve real time processing speeds.

Apache Kafka is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to data streams. It…

Python is fantastic language for learning objected-oriented programming. An important pillar of objected-oriented programming is using inheritance in your code. Writing two classes which represent a similar real world object but bear not relationship with each other is actually on not much use.

This is the short blog on how…

As the number of digital data transactions are increasing, it is becoming extremely important to get some insights out of this ever increasing data pile and organizations are looking towards to creating analytics of this data in a real-time manner.

Many analytics engines and systems use batch processing to perform…

Abhishek Bose

Engineering at NAYAN Technologies. On a quest for technology.

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